Shakespeare Festival

The very word “Shakespeare“, is enough to frighten some young people. This is not the case at Queenstown Girls’ High School!

The annual Edith Glover Shakespeare Festival is one of the cultural highlights of the year, and a cherished tradition that inspires the enthusiastic involvement of the whole school.

Held for the first time in 1946, the Festival has expanded to the level of a truly prestigious event. The world of Shakespeare materialises at Girls’ High on Festival day near the end of the first school term. Girls attend in Elizabethan costume, and the Grade 9 to Grade 12 classes produce their Shakespeare setwork plays in a variety of outdoor and indoor venues.

Some academic departments participate in the festival with imaginative displays and information in a variety of guises all of which are interesting and an evocation of the Shakespearean era.

The Festival ends with a Prize Giving. An external adjudicator rates the productions of the classes and the performances of the actresses. Competition is keen but amicable!

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