Sport & Cultural Life


Sport and extra-mural cultural activities also play a vital part in providing opportunities for personal growth and achievement.

Queenstown Girls’ High School is blessed with outstanding sporting facilities, including a swimming pool, netball courts, hockey fields, tennis courts, Astroturf, athletics facilities and ideal surroundings for cross country running. Girls are encouraged to participate in sport for the joy of it and for the valuable life lessons it offers. Girls’ High girls have ample opportunity to compete against their peers in the town, the Border region, and further afield.

Not surprisingly, in a school environment that encourages girls to express their unique interests and talents, there is always a wide array of cultural activities on offer. Chess, Drama, Arts, First Aid, Interact, Student’s Christian Association, Public Speaking and Xhosa Society are some of the many extramural activities available to the girls.

The school also has a well-established choral tradition and it is considered an honour to be selected as a member of the school choir.

Other forms of cultural expression regularly emerge from ordinary classroom activities. History excursions focusing on our local heritage, are some of the enriching cultural outings that have started in this way.