Academic Excellence


The Border is famed for its tradition of fine schools. Queenstown, in the heart of the region, is home to some of the finest, including Queenstown Girls’ High School, Queen’s College and Balmoral Girls’ Primary School.

The close ties between these great schools, the nurturing of cherished traditions, and the forging of new ones, as well as the healthy climate and wholesome environment, all combine to make Queenstown a place of personal growth and lasting memories for young people who are fortunate enough to be educated there.

At Queenstown Girls’ High School students have access to excellent academic facilities and a wide choice of subjects designed to prepare them for tertiary education in any sphere. The computer room, Music Block, media centre, and other enrichment facilities, are all an integral part of the school’s academic framework. Beyond the school environment the girls are challenged by means of innovative educational adventures such as the annual Grade 9 academic field trip, Grahamstown Science Festival, etc.

The well-qualified Girls’ High teachers are committed to upholding the school traditions of encouraging all pupils and staff to reach beyond themselves. It’s an approach that is designed to produce outstanding academic results, and more importantly, girls who are able to play their part as caring, confident, and creative citizens of South Africa and the world at large.