Matric Results


I am extremely proud to congratulate the GHS class of 2019 for the 100% pass rate attained at the end of last year. To each learner I extend my compliments and best wishes. GHS is one of 43 schools in the province to achieve 100% pass in the 2019 examination, and one of only four schools to have consistently achieved a 100% pass over the period 2015 to 2019. More exceptional, though, is that GHS has obtained a 100% pass rate consistently for the past 28 years!

The class of 2019 obtained 139 Subject distinctions, 90% of the class achieved a Bachelor’s pass, and six candidates an A Aggregate.

In order of merit, with averages,

  • Zikhona Cengimbo – 86%
  • Nitta Mattam – 85.4%
  • Sinethemba Spelman – 85%
  • Lindi-Lois de Wet – 84%
  • Khilona Vallabh – 80.6%
  • Sherin Simon – 80.4%

Zikhona Cengimbo

Nitta Mattam

Sinethemba Spelman

Lindi-Lois de Wet

Khilona Vallabh

Sherin Simon

These are very special results and are indicative of much diligence, dedication and commitment over the past years. Congratulations and very best wishes.

To the teachers who were an essential and very important part of these results, I say thank you for your guidance, expertise and nurturing. Without you, this success story could not be told.

Finally, I extend the school’s very good wishes to the class of 2019, as we trust you will go out into the world and make a noteworthy impact and be positively influential amongst those with whom you come in contact.

Be blessed, go well and make a difference.

T.C. Anaxagoras