Head Girl Speech

Headgirl’s Message 2016

Saskia Neethling

 It’s absolutely surreal thinking that our school careers have finally come to an end.  I distinctly remember being in grade 8 and simply wishing for the time to pass by quickly because I could not wait to grow up and enter the big world out there.  As I reflect on the past 5 years, I realise that time truly flies when you are having fun.

Each year had its own challenges, surprises and memories.  This last year, particularly, was the most remarkable experience ever.

I have learnt many life lessons that I believe will bring me a step closer to achieving my full potential and I will always be indebted to Girls’ High for instilling these qualities in me.

I have learnt that the changes that come with growing up are inevitable.  Change is necessary for growth and it is also exciting.  Matrics, as we embark on a new chapter that may be filled with uncertainty, I hope that you welcome change with open arms and seek adventure in all that you do.  The key is to find balance.  We all have an infinite amount of potential.  In all that you do, give of your very best because after all, we are our own worst critics.

As each of us seek to fulfil our unique purpose, there will be setbacks along the way.  Remember that the greatest setup for unhappiness is comparison.  The grass is never greener on the other side.  It only seems greener because you are not watering your own.  Be confident and unapologetic when it comes to your skills and unique qualities.

As you work your way to achieving success, may you never stop dreaming and always remain hungry to tick the boxes.  Goals are the oxygen to our dreams.  However, a goal without desire and passion is like driving a car without petrol – you’re simply not going to get anywhere.  Seek joy and happiness in all that you do and don’t succumb to the norms of the world.  If your goal is to be filthy rich, be filthy rich in knowledge, adventure, love, family, laughter and health.

One of the greatest lessons high school can teach you is that accolades do not determine your success.  Your success is dependent on how you treat other people.

Although it is a cliché, you truly have the power to make a difference.  People may forget what you did for them but they will always remember how you made them feel.  It is much more rewarding using your talents to help others harness their potential.  It may seem futile as you do not benefit from it directly, but someday you realize that those were the moments that made you a better person.

Good luck to you all.  From Saskia.