Head Girl Speech

Headgirl’s Message 2017

The most unfortunate ordeal is meeting someone who does not fully comprehend their potential. My message to the young ladies of GHS is a heartfelt one and one that I am most passionate about.

Women born into a society such as the one in which we exist are often burdened with unfair constraints. In the most severe cases, women are denied the right to education and participation in the political and economic realms. In less extreme but equally fatal cases, we are burdened with expectations with regards to how we should look, behave, dress and even the volume at which we should laugh and speak. The culture of women nowadays involves striving to reach these expectations and often falling short. This puts strain on us, making us think that we are not good enough and we always need to be more than what we presently are. It is a broken idea that stifles the potential of so many young women. These ladies believe that because they are not fitting into the conventional mould of society, they are not worthy.

We can not allow social media, society and celebrity trends to define what we should wear, what phones we should have and the type of body shape that we must have. We must cultivate an attitude of individuality and uniqueness with pride in all that we are. Different is beautiful and different is rapidly fading into a world of conformity and following trends.

In my experience and interaction with the ladies of our school, I’ve come to realise that we may look good but we do not always feel good. GHS is filled with broken young ladies who are in need of comfort and reassurance. The world is very harsh in breaking us down, making us feel worthless and not good enough. We need to be kind to ourselves and each other and support each other in loving ourselves just the way we are.

Indeed, the future is female. We ought to believe this and behave like women who aren’t defined by social constructs but rather understand the magnitude of the power that we possess within. We cannot limit or restrain this power but use it to influence change in and around us. We are capable of greatness with hard work and dedication.

Each and everyone of us is priveleged enough to be in this prestigious institution, GHS. Here, we are offered opportunities that are not only academic but that extend into the cultural and sporting fields as well. All of us owe it to ourselves to exploit all the opportunities available to us and give it our all.

Matrics, we are leaving this safety net that is GHS. We are soon to realise that, in reality, the world does not value women half as much as it should. We ought to remember the values that we have acquired and continue to love ourselves in the harsh environment of the world. We cannot allow our strength to be dimmed by the intimidation we will encounter but we must shine even brighter. May we be young women of intellect, impact and value, inducing positive change wherever we go.

The amazing young women that we are owe it to ourselves and the world to be all that we can be. We are enough and capable just the way we are.

With love,