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Around The School News – Monday 15 April 2019


Dr Flavia Senkubuge, specialist in Public Health medicine, global public health advocate and President of the Colleges of Medicine in South Africa, addressed the learners recently.

Dr Senkubuge matriculated from Girls’ High School in 1996 and it was an honour to welcome her back to her alma mater.

Dr Senkubuge told the girls that they are the generation on whom we have pinned our hopes and dreams. She said that they are the generation who will champion other generations to become great generations.

She encouraged the girls to work hard. Success, she says, is not an onetime event. It takes discipline, it is painful, and it is lonely, but it is all worth it. She challenged the girls to do more, to be more and to write their own history.



GHS Top 5 Chess girls lost 2 – 3


Motion : The 1st Priority of Criminal Justice Should be Rehabilitation not Retribution
Senior Team : Anita Mgaleli, Iviwe Balincwadi and Iviwe Maholwana proposed and won
Motion : Television Shows with Child Performers Should be Cancelled
Junior Team : Justine Kaba (Best Speaker), Anuja Jomon and Phila Baliso opposed and won


GHS lost 4 – 5


  • 1st team lost 0 – 2
  • u/16 A won 4 – 0
  • u/14 A drew 3 – 3


u/19 A won 24 – 19 u/19 B lost 8 – 12
u/16 A won 18 – 10 u/16 B won 11 – 7
u/16 C won 11 – 7 u/16 D drew 8 – 8
u/14 A won 24 – 13 u/14 B won 6 – 4


GHS Squash players competed in the 3rd and final round of Border Squash rankings and achieved the following results :

u/19 Monique da Cruz 2nd, Kirsten Lyons 3rd
u/16 Tyla-Mae Roux 1st, Courtney Stone 2nd, Emma du Preez 4th
u/14 Keagan Lottering 3rd


GHS Golfers participated in the Border Junior Golf Competition. The girls achieved the following results :

  • Chloe Buss’s medal score was 94 and she was Overall Winner of the girls section
  • Erin Barraud’s medal score was 99 and she came 3rd in the girls section
  • Rebecca Aylesbury’s medal score was 100 and she won Best Overall Nett Score of 71 in the girls section
  • Carla van Jaarsveld won the Sportsmanship Prize for persevering through an 18 hole medal round as a novice