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Around The School News – Monday 3 September 2018


Anje Strydom at Queenstown Girls’ High is flying the flag high at the S A National Judo Rankings. She fought at the above competition recently, participating in group 4 (-17 yrs)(-70kg) and won a silver medal. Anje maintains her official ranking of 3rd place in -63kg and 3rd place in -70kg.


The newly elected Interact Board for 2018/2019 was announced at Queenstown Girls’ High School at a social gathering hosted by the current board. Congratulations to Othandwayo Ngcobo who was elected as President and Nande Dube who was elected as Vice-President. The Board consists of Lavela Xintolo, Tina Afari, Asisipho Cata, Nitta Mattam, Sherin Simon, Zikhona Cengimbo, Emme-Jay Sparks and Tumi Sephula.


Queenstown Girls’ High School hosted a very successful GHS Tennis Tournament and the following results were obtained :

Section A
1st Stephen Aylesbury & Llewellyn Aylesbury
2nd Jonathan Russel & Jason Russel
Section B
1st Roy Langhein & Shelly Goldschmidt
2nd Romain Bredenkamp & Mike Oliviaga
Section C
1st Phillip van Oosten & Eli van Schoor
2nd Teagan Roux & Bianca Pretorius
Section D
1st Gabriel de Jongh & Christine Nel
2nd Nathan Wolff & Rebecca Aylesbury
Section E
1st Wihan Marais & Naomi Mkandla
2nd Bryan Muir & Tarien Wentzel
Section F
1st Ana Taggart & Erin Taggart
2nd Charmaine Cotterrell & Kayla Wade