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The red cross of St George represents bravery and the white field, purity and truth. The scarlet aloe is a proud symbol of the Border region. The school motto; Veritas et Virtus (Truth and Courage) has inspired generations of girls since the late 19th...more »

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Girls' High School travelled to East London for a Derby Day -
-Netball results were as follows : 1st lost 13 -26, 2nd lost 13 - 14, 3rd won 10 - 8, u/16 A lost 8 - 23, u/16 B lost 1 - 23, u/15 A lost 3 - 17, u/15 B lost 4 - 10, u/14 A lost 9 - 29, u/14 B lost 9 - 15...more »

Celebrating 139 years! Birthday weekend 22, 23, 24 August 2014. Old Girls from the years 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1989, 1994 and 2004 are encouraged to attend.

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Application forms for Grade 8 (2015) is available at the school office or until 31 July 2014. Email lorraine@qtghs.co.za.

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Matric Certificates 2013

Matric Certificates for 2013 Matrics are available at the school office.


Saturday 26 July 2014

09:00 u/14 A u/19 C u/15 B
09:40 u/19 B u/14 B u/16 B
10:20 u/16 A u/15 A  
11:00 u/19 A    
09:00 Port Rex 2nd vs GHS 2nd OQA Field A
09:00 Port Rex 3rd vs GHS 3rd OQA Field B
10:00 Port Rex 1st vs GHS 1st ASTRO


Members of the GHS Drama Society have been privileged to attend two workshops this term. The first was held in Grahamstown where the girls received training in physical theatre performance, basic directing and basic staging. This was in preparation for their production of a "30 minute" version of "Macbeth" to be performed at the Grahamstown Eisteddfod. The second workshop, held in East London's Alexander Playhouse, was facilitated by the renowned actor, director and playwright Deon Opperman. Here the girls received invaluable insights into the fundamentals of stage blocking, directing, acting and the adaptation of prose for theatre. This should stand them in good stead for the annual Alexander Playhouse Interschools Competition to be held in the third term.


Nab'Ubomi Film Competition

Girls' High School is very proud of matric pupil Jessica Edwards who has won the coveted Best Screenplay award in the annual Nab'Ubomi Inter-School Short Film Competition and Festival. This province-wide competition, which has been running since 2007, requires Grade 11 pupils to write a screenplay for a short film on a given topic. Then, if the screenplay is one selected by the Nab'Ubomi panel, it is made into a film directed by the screenwriter. After much pre-production planning, organising and rehearsing on the part of the director and her cast and the crew, the film is shot in one day, and then it enters the post-production (editing) stage. It is as a result of this rather lengthy final phase that the awards are only made the following year when the pupils are in Grade 12. Jessica's screenplay "Tables" is a striking interpretation of the 2013 topic 'Say it like it is'. The film was also recognised for Best Art Department. Jessica's success comes in the wake of previous Girls' High School achievers in this competition : Nandipha Tyaliti (2012) and Khanyisa Nondabula (2011).


Girls' High School hosted Collegiate for a Derby Day -

Netball results were as follows :
1st lost 14 - 22, 2nd drew 13 - 13, 3rd won 8 - 5, 4th lost 3 - 8, u/16 A lost 4 - 20, u/16 B lost 1 - 13, u/15 A won 19 - 8, u/15 B drew 2 - 2, u/14 A lost 3 - 24, u/14 B lost 10 - 11


Hockey results were as follows :
1st drew 1 - 1, 2nd lost 0 - 1, 3rd lost 1 - 4, u/16 A lost 0 - 3, u/16 B lost 0 - 2, u/16 C lost 0 - 5, u/14 A lost 0 - 4, u/14 B lost 0 - 7


Queenstown Girls' High School was prominently represented at this year's All Girls' Festival, with 68 girls participating in various activities. The annual All Girls' Festival attracts participants from girls' school across South Africa. The three day event sees girls engaged in a broad range of sporting and cultural activities. This year's festival took place at the end of April and was hosted by Collegiate High School in Port Elizabeth. More than twenty schools were represented at the festival.


The 1st Hockey team ended 9th out of 18 teams at the All Girls' Festival. The girls recorded wins against Potchefstroom, Kingsridge and Affies and losses to Wynberg and Eunice. They beat Collegiate 2 - 0 in a play-off.


The 1st Netball team ended 15th out of 19 schools at the All Girls' Festival. The girls won against St Michael's and Wynberg, drew against Clarendon and lost against Durban, Oranje, Affies, Kingsridge, Rhenish, Potch and La Rochelle.


Mikayla Boy, Jemima Hart, Paula Brill and Carmen McEwan represented Squash at the All Girls' Festival. The squash team was ranked 5th out of 10 teams. They beat Pretoria, Wynberg, St Michael's and La Rochelle and lost against Collegiate and Rhenish. Congratulations go to Jemima Hart who received the reward for 'Sportsmanship in Squash'.


Ashleigh van Oosten, Hayley Lucas, Kimberly Ranger and Dumisa Qononda represented tennis at the All Girls' Festival. They were placed 12th overall. The team had some very tough matches against Affies, Oranje, Parktown, Clarendon, Wynberg, Pretoria and Rustenburg.


Anela Luggya, Zenande Mngezana and Jessica Edwards participated in the Art Section of the All Girls' Festival. After visiting two fine arts galleries the group went on the 'Route 67' tour in Port Elizabeth where they viewed artworks dedicated to Nelson Mandela's 67 years of political service. The girls attended a journaling workshop presented by a NMMU art lecturer, after which they started on their own journals, which were to be judged on the final day. Anela Luggya from GHS was chosen as a finalist.


Great excitement as 15 girls from the esteemed Choir participated in the All Girls' Festival for the first time. The group performed 'The Rose' and an acapella mash-up of 'Dynamite' and a traditional xhosa piece. They also planned and performed song in different groups. These songs were then 'mashed up' and performed as a mass choir in front of all 20 schools at the festival. Phiwokuhle Tom from GHS received the only award in the Choir Section for 'Most Enthusiastic Participant'.


Grettel Osorio, Michelle Li, Kolosa Ntombini, Mbasa Gosa and Courtney Crew represented Chess at the All Girls' Festival and they were placed 3rd out of 9 teams. The girls won their matches against Pretoria, Parktown, Rhenish, Wynberg and Kingsridge. They drew against Eunice and Affies but lost against Clarendon and Collegiate. Mbasa Gosa won the prize for board 4 and Courtney Crew won the prize for the reserve player who accumulated the most points.


Taryn Osborn, Inga Mgaleli, Sima Gosa, Chuma Dapula and Ezam Majokweni represented Debating at the All Girls' Festival. The girls debated the following motions :
vs Collegiate : Celebrities Should Only be Allowed to use State Appointed Lawyers! (GHS won)
vs Parktown : After 20 Years of Democracy, Voting has Become Futile! (GHS won)
vs Rhenish : Celebrity Trials Should be Held 'in camera' to Avoid a Media Circus (blind round)
vs Riebeeck : Non-Hetero Normative(gay) Couples Should be Banned from Adopting Children (GHS lost)
vs Kingsridge : Government Policy of Two Year's Community Service for University Graduates Should be Enforced (GHS lost)


Marteli Potgieter, Thandiwe Jadezweni, Thina Ntsaluba and Stelchia Hughes participated in the Dramatic Arts section. This section was process-orientated and focused on group work. The workshops on Physical Theatre Performance, Group Dynamics and Directing provided a platform for acquiring new knowledge and skills. The group work aspect rested on mixing learners from different schools into groups. After the final presentation of the ensemble pieces, Marteli, Thina and Stelchia along with other learners from various schools were singled out by the facilitator of the workshops for their outstanding performances. At the Awards Ceremony, Marteli's group performance was announced the best ensemble piece, with Marteli being chosen as the most dedicated actress in her group.


Yanga Malotana, Iviwe Malotana and Kirsty-Lee Benecke represented Public Speaking at the Festival. They attended a number of workshops and prepared for their two prepared and two impromptu speeches after these workshops. Yanga and Iviwe went through to the Top 9 participants of the impromptu and prepared rounds. Congratulations to Yanga Malotana who won the impromptu section with the speech "When I hear the sound of ....'" with the added achievement of her being the only Grade 9 learner against all Grade 12 competitors. Yanga was ranked 3rd overall, which is a great achievement. Iviwe was ranked 8th and Kirsy-Lee 15th.


Girls' High School hosted the 67th Annual Edith Glover Shakespeare Festival. As always, productions were staged both in the St George's Hall and on the very beautiful campus where they were much enhanced by the picturesque surroundings.

Productions were :

  • Grade 12 "Othello"
  • Grade 11 "Twelfth Night"
  • Grade 10 "Romeo and Juliet"
  • Grade 9 "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Each grade was responsible for the production of its current setwork study, which is extremely helpful in bringing the plays to life for the learners. It is certainly what Shakespeare intended!

The adjudicator was Mrs Gerda Cloete. She was impressed by the girls' acting prowess, and she thoroughly enjoyed the day with us. The main awards went to :

Best Junior Production Grade 10 L for 'The Tragedy in the Tomb' (extract from 'Romeo and Juliet)
Best Senior Production Grade 12 B for 'The Tragedy Unfolds' (extract from 'Othello')
Best Junior Actress Thulisiwe Ndoda
Junior Runner-Up Yanga Malotana
Best Senior Actress Marteli Potgieter
Senior Runner-Up Ezam Majokweni
Best Programme Gabriela Martinengo in 12 M
Best Poster (2-way tie) Sihle Xasa in 12 S & Jessica Edwards in 12 B