The red cross of St George represents bravery and the white field, purity and truth. The scarlet aloe is a proud symbol of the Border region. The school motto; Veritas et Virtus (Truth and Courage) has inspired generations of girls since the late 19th Century. The magnificent…more »


Congratulations to Michelle Li, a Grade 12 learner, who completed both rounds of the SAIPA Accounting Olympiad. Michelle did extremely well and was placed 2nd in the Eastern Cape at the provincial round of this olympiad.  She also received the trophy for the top-performing female participant in the Eastern Cape. Results from the National Accounting Olympiad in May for the Eastern Cape were as follows :…more »




To be a principle-centred school of excellence at which teachers, learners, employees and interested stakeholders teach, learn, work and interact together in a spirit of growth and harmony. In striving towards our vision we: Encourage all at our school to develop their unique potential…more »


Celebrating 139 years! Birthday weekend 22, 23, 24 August 2014. Old Girls from the years 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1989, 1994 and 2004 are encouraged to attend.


Head Girl Speech 2013 – Sarah Maclean…more »

2013 Matric Results: A-Aggregates…more »


At the Top 10 Athletics Meeting in Cradock our athletes obtained the following results :

1st places u/17 Tegan Gibbens Javelin (32.95m)
u/17 Lutho Bleki High Jump (1,35m)
2nd places u/15 Jo Cobbold Javelin (28.80m)
u/16 Aimee Pohlmann Javelin (31.48m)
u/16 Ncumisa Makha Long Jump (4,79m)
u/19 Anita Madike 200m (00:26:53)
3rd places u/15 Caylin Genade High Jump (1.4m)
u/17 Megan Miles 400m (01:06:30), 200m (00:29:00)
4th places u/16 Ncumisa Makha 200m (00:29:10)
u/17 Sarah Stone 400m (01:08:70), 200m (00:29:60)
7th places u/15 Caylin Genade 200m (00:28:09)
8th places u/14 Kelly Beal-Preston 100m (00:14:10)
u/14 Shannon Barraud 200m (00:29:90)
9th places u/14 Kelly Beal-Preston 200m (00:30:09)
Our athletes participated in the Jim Fouché Top 10 Athletics meeting held in Bloemfontein and the following results were obtained :

1st places u/19 Anita Madike Long Jump (5.46m)
2nd places u/17 Sarah Stone 400m (00:67:21)
3rd places u/17 Lutho Bleki High Jump (1.45m)
u/17 Tegan Gibbens Javelin (29.11m)
u/17 Amy Griffin 400m (00:68:51)
4th places u/15 Caylin Genade High Jump (1.4m)
5th places u/15 Jo Cobbold Javelin (28.18m)
u/16 Aimee Pohlmann Javelin (29.52m)
6th places u/14 Amy Cloete 200m (00:30:14)
u/16 Ncumisa Makha Long Jump (4.47m), 200m (00:28:39)
7th places u/14 Amy Cloete 100m (00:14:03)
9th places u/17 Sarah Stone 200m (00:29:43)
10th places u/16 Amy Griffin 200m (00:28:75)

The Grade 12’s of 2014 enjoyed their last school day by having some fun with the teachers and by entertaining the rest of the school.  The day ended with Kolosa giving a moving message over the intercom and playing out with one of their favourite songs.  At the Valedictory Service the matrics bade a final farewell to the school.  Thereafter it was shirt signing and tea in the Erica Danckwerts Hall.  The brand new members of the Old Queenstonian Association enjoyed lunch together for the last time before their final exams.

valedictory-01-th valedictory-02-th

Girls’ High School supported The Sunflower Fund Bandana Day.  The funds raised will go towards testing potential donors to be listed on the National Bone Marrow Registry.  In addition to needing funds, the Registry also needs donors.  Consider signing up by phoning 0800 121082.  Both the testing and donation of bone marrow is painless and can lead to saving lives.



The Girls’ High School Prize Giving, was as usual, the highlight of the year. This year we had the privilege of having Mr Tony Frost, CEO of the Queenstown Education Foundation as guest speaker. The major prize winners were :

The NON-NOBIS AWARD and the QUEENSWOOD TROPHY to Kolosa Ntombini

The COCKIN CUP for the DUX SCHOLAR, the LESLIE TROPHY and the Star in the East Lodge Prize for ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT and the FREDA SPENCE AWARD to Michelle Li

The DA FONSECA TROPHY for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Sport and the OPPERMAN TROPHY for Excellence in her chosen sport to Clarisse Hughes

The R HAYES AWARD for keep spirit of Sportsmanship to Inganathi Mzitshi

The POPE CUP and the QUEENSTOWN HARRIERS AWARD for Best All-Rounder at Sport to Jennifer Cloete

The SHIRLEY COTTERREL TROPHY for Integrity and True Concern for others to Phiwokuhle Tom

The JOAN DENT MEMORIAL TROPHY for making a success of her school career to Eunice Antwi

The LES TERWIN MEMORIAL TROPHY for the non-school prefect who did the most for the school to Ezam Majokweni



Mr Finlay Taylor

2 December 2014

Dear Colleagues, Old Girls and Friends of Girls’ High School

As we come to the end of 2014 I would like to thank you for all your support over the last four months.

Finlay Taylor remains hospitalised in Bloemfontein and Ingrid is with him. He is being moved to the Sewe Damme Step Down Hospital. Radiation and chemotherapy have been discontinued for the time being. Palliative treatment will continue and the neurologist will assess the situation in January.

I ask that you keep the Taylor family, Finlay, Ingrid, their daughters and Mrs Rose Taylor in your prayers at this time.

Yours sincerely

Carol Millington
Acting Principal


Mr Rodney Hayes, our long serving Estate Manager, retired at the end of the second term.  Mr Hayes, who joined the staff in 2004, has been largely responsible for ensuring that our campus and its buildings and equipment are immaculately maintained.  With talents that ranged from a chemist’s insight into swimming pool care, mechanical ingenuity that kept outdated (ancient) equipment going and an artist’s appreciation of fine carpentry, Mr Hayes has played a vital role in our school’s success.  We wish Mr Hayes a happy and fulfilling retirement and thank him for his service to our school.



The Xhosa Society hosted a successful evening of dance, music and drama.  The double-gold award winning Xhosa Choir performed 4 songs and the dance section consisted of African traditional dances and their own rendition of the famous ‘Pata Pata’ dance. The final item, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, was an original play by the name of “Ubizo”.

Xhosa-Society-01-th Xhosa-Society-02-th

Girls’ High is sporting a newly introduced Honours Blazer with the first recipients being Kolosa Ntombini (Academic), Marteli Potgieter (Academic), Michelle Li (Academic), Mariska Cloete (Academic) and Inge Coetzee (Squash).  The distinctive white blazer is awarded for exceptional academic, cultural or sporting achievement.



The Grade 12’s of 2014 enjoyed their last school day by having some fun with the teachers and by entertaining the rest of the school. The day ended with Kolosa and Marteli giving a moving message over the intercom and playing out with one of their favourite songs. At the Valedictory Service the matrics bade a final farewell to the school. Thereafter it was shirt signing and tea in the Erica Danckwerts Hall. The brand new members of the Old Queenstonian Association enjoyed lunch together for the last time before their final exams.

Valedictory-2014-01-th Valedictory-2014-02-th

The top grade 11 science pupils, accompanied by Mrs Eslé Steyn and Mrs Nicole Shone, attended a Science Week in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.  Their itinerary included visits to the Net Energy site, Columbus Stainless, Twizza and Muhanga Mine.  Some of the experiments they participated in were : Parabolic Troughs, Flat Plate Solar Water Heating, Heat Pump and Evaporative Cooling.  Queen’s College and Girls’ High School started the building on a solar motor vehicle.  This vehicle will be driven from Middelburg to Queenstown in about two year time to coincide with the Queen’s Reunion.  The girls enjoyed every moment and found the excursion extremely valuable.


The Sound & Tech crew hosted the V-Glee (adapted version of the variety concert) in St George’s Hall. The programme included the Queen’s a CAPELLA group (Suicidal by Sean Kingston), Timon and Micaela (Just the Way you Are by Bruno Mars), Grettel and the hostel girls (the cup song) to mention just a few. The evening was well supported and the performers received rave reviews.




The matric board hosted a Winter Civvies Day. The girls were encouraged to wear scarves, beanies, etc. The board sold coffee, hot chocolate and muffins. Then GHS celebrated Heritage Day in style.  The girls came to school in traditional attire, ranging from indian sari’s to Xhosa umbhaco. The girls looked elegant and it was wonderful to see the diversity  of cultures represented by our pupils.




GES, GHS and EcoWatch, Queen’s College went to the Reforest Fest in Hogsback. On arrival they were told that they were going to plant 2 500 indigenous trees of 17 species. There were people from all over the world eg. France, Germany, America and England participated to make this project worthwhile.  After a thorough demonstration of how to plant a tree, the hard labour began and although the girls found the task demanding, they were happy to see the end result.

Arbor-Week-01-th Arbor-Week-02-th

Xabiso Lombo, a grade 11 learner at Girls’ High School, was part of the cast of the Queen’s College Drama Society who performed the play “I’m Not Talking About That, Now” by Sindiwe Magona.  This play proceeded to the finals that was held at a prestigious Gala Performance in East London’s Guild Theatre in September where Queen’s College competed against Hudson Park High School and Selborne College.  Queen’s College were adjudged the overall winners of this competition and we congratulate Xabiso for her part in the performance.  Xabiso was also recognized for the contribution to Drama at the Queen’s College Cultural Awards Evening.