The red cross of St George represents bravery and the white field, purity and truth. The scarlet aloe is a proud symbol of the Border region. The school motto; Veritas et Virtus (Truth and Courage) has inspired generations of girls since the late 19th Century. The magnificent…more »


Congratulations to the following girls who were selected by their peers as members of the Representative Council of Learners at Queenstown Girls’ High School : THINA NTSALUBA – HEAD 12 B, HAFEEZA MALL 12 M, MIHLE MFENQE 12 S, KRISTIN SCHOEMAN 11 S, PAULA BRILL 11 A, JESSICA CAMPHER – SECRETARY 11 L, YANGA KLAAS 11M, ATANDILE MANTANGA 10 B, JESSICA NELL…more »


Grade 8 applications for 2016 have closed.


To be a principle-centred school of excellence at which teachers, learners, employees and interested stakeholders teach, learn, work and interact together in a spirit of growth and harmony. In striving towards our vision we: Encourage all at our school to develop their unique potential…more »


Celebrating 140 years! Birthday weekend 14, 15, 16 August 2015. Old Girls from the years 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1990, 1995 and 2005 are encouraged to attend.


Head Girl Speech 2015…more »

2015 Matric Results: A-Aggregates…more »


Queenstown Girls’ High School officially bade farewell to retiring Deputy Principal Miss Carol Millington at two special functions held in her honour.  She received a fitting valediction at a farewell assembly in St George’s Hall where she was paid tributes by Saskia Neethling (head girl of 2016), Mr Richard Edkins (past GHS principal) and Mrs Annelise Pieterse (Acting Principal).  In addition to this, she was awarded the prestigious Wilkinson Award by the Queenstown Education Foundation for her outstanding contribution to education.  Thereafter, the OQA hosted a Farewell Tea in the Erika Danckwerts Hall where friends, colleagues and old girls of the school gathered to wish Miss Millington well for her retirement.

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The Beauty of Knowing It is the beauty of knowing that confirms my intellect. My intellect that confirms my ability to know right from wrong, to know humane from inhumane.

It is the beauty of knowing, that allows me to say I know of my history, my history that was ruled by a hollow caste system, a hollow caste that could see superior and inferior, that could take the life of a man, his wife and his kids.

This is a caste that could work a man, but fail to feed him and his children, work a man but deny him an opinion, work a man but strip him of his produce, work a man but demolish his happiness.

It is the beauty of knowing, that gives true meaning, to the tears that were shed, to the lives that were eradicated.

It is the beauty of knowing, that allows me the option to say, mistakes were made, prices paid, but the beauty of knowing, is the splendor, that reminds me of a lesson well-learnt.


All of Queenstown Girls’ High School wished Miss Carol Millington a very Happy Birthday when she turned 65!

Miss Millington has been at Girls’ High from 1982 and is known and respected by her pupils and staff alike.

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About 30 old girls from Girls’ High School enjoyed a happy get-together at the home of Sally Lumb (née Logan), class of 1964, in Cape Town recently to celebrate the 140th birthday of the school. At this meeting, which is a yearly occasion organised by Sally, they recognised and marked their appreciation of the enormous contribution of the staff and pupils have made in maintaining the character and traditions of this special school.

Sally Lumb’s Message of Greeting and Congratulations on the Occasion of the 140th Birthday Celebration from the Cape Town OQA

We met in Cape Town with pride and a sense of history on the occasion of the 140th Anniversary of our School’s founding. The years have passed for each of us and we remain Girls’ High School girls – that will never change. We recognise the important part that the school and our teachers played in our lives. They gave us the grounding in many subjects, but more importantly they taught us about life, about mutual respect and courtesy, about integrity and the importance of families and of a principled pursuit of our individual interests and goals. Those of us who have visited the school in recent years, share a sense of great pride at the continuance of these traditions, values and principles. It is evident and visible in the character of today’s girls whom we met and with whom we interacted. We extend to today’s principal, teachers and pupils, who carry the responsibility for maintaining the fine character of our school, our greetings, congratulations and thanks for the way in which they continue the traditions built up over 140 years and encapsulated in our schools motto, Veritas et Virtus.

Sally Lumb (née Logan), class of 1964 August 3, 2015

OQA, Cape Town Gathering, 3 August 2015, list of those present:

Andrea Hart (Rollo) 1973 Angie Helm 2010 Bev Tregay (Breetzke) 1965 Dianne McGrath (Stone) 1965 Elizabeth Danckwerts (Thomas) 1977 Ellen Nicol (Kew) 1965 Gill Wykham (Marshall) 1964 Janice Wainman (Kretschmer) 1973 Janine Berrington 1976 Jeannette Willey (Elliott) 1960 Judy Bryant (Forward) 1974 Joy Coetzer (Price) 1977 Lenore Fuller (Brown) 1978 Lola Whittle (Shaeffer) 1966 Lynnette Starck (Johnston) 1964 Marcella Poultney Margie Growse (MacDonald) 1955 Mary Ann Abbott (Maartens) 1965 Nova Esmonde-White (Retief) 1964 Pat Furno (Van Den Bos) 1961 Patti St Leger (Shannon) 1953 Rose Malinaric (Elliott) 1966 Sally Lumb (Logan) 1964 Sandy Farr (Muzzell) 1966 Shirley MacDonald (Quick) 1958 Trish Haye (Barr-Baker) 1979 Wilma de Villiers (van Schalkwyk) 1962

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This weekend we celebrate 140 years of education for young women at Queenstown Girls’ High School. From the humble start of two young girls being admitted to the previously boys-only school to where we are today has been a journey with many ups and downs. We are grateful to all those who have helped shape the road that now lies behind us. We are proud of our successes and acknowledge that sometimes we have failed but we have persevered. We have built up a tradition and an ethos at Girls’ High School of which we can be justly proud. If we want to say the same in fifty or even ten years time we must look to the future. A successful school is a living organism and needs to adapt to changing circumstances. Where to from here? Firstly we must preserve what is good. We must strive to maintain the work ethic, the discipline and the ethos that has made this school what it is today. We also have to maintain our infrastructure. It is essential to repair and renovate our buildings on a regular basis. Secondly we need to move forward and build on what we have. We must improve and extend our sports facilities. We have to take cognisance of the fact that the world is moving into an electronic and mainly paperless era. We need to attract vibrant and dedicated teachers to our school. We need to test ourselves against the best which means that we have to travel. To move forward successfully is going to require a very high level of commitment from parents and old girls. Parents – school fees are the life blood of the school. We simply cannot manage without them. Old girls – times have changed. Women are now taking their place in the business world as never before. If you want to send your daughter to Girls’ High School one day to receive an education similar to your own, you are going to have to commit to your alma mater now. You are going to have to accept that women will need to support their old schools in the same way that men have supported theirs for decades. To the staff and pupils who have worked so hard to make this birthday special, thank you for all you have done. To the school governing body who have undertaken an extensive programme of renovation and upgrading of our facilities, thank you for your efforts. To the parent body and community of Queenstown, thank you for your loyalty and support. A very special welcome to all the old girls who have joined us this birthday weekend. It is my last at Girls’ High School after more years that I care to remember. I wish you a most enjoyable weekend filled with memories, fun and friendship.



This world is not my home anymore If we look at what everyone is fighting for And I am not talking about no war Listen up and I’ll tell you what I saw And I know for sure, I am not the only one

Ladies, let me start with you, Tell me why are you so consumed In the idea of being perfect? Tell me is it really worth it? Because this person that you are doing it all for I know to him for sure, you’re not the only one.

You get a nose job, boob job, thigh job even a butt job Yet he can’t even find a job. Yet you are still fighting for his attention because you want affection But you are not his intention so all you get is rejection. Wipe those tears baby girl because you’re not the only one.

So you carry on trying to please him waiting for him to concede you But all he does is demean you and before you know it you are not yourself anymore because he took your soul and left it on the floor and walked right out of the door leaving you feeling empty inside Feeling like, you don’t have anyone.

Gentlemen can I come to you why do you act a fool? Thinking you’re too cool for school using her like she’s just a tool She was created in God’s perfect image I know that might sound vintage but you should at least appreciate the privilege, And make her your only one.

Gentlemen, this is not a game and she is not a contestant Fighting for your acceptance, so I urge you to keep your distance If she is not your preference. I’d like to make a quick reference of utter importance, God tells you that you should treat her with reverence So I am tell you, at least appreciate her presence.

What I see before me is not what love is, I can’t tell you how to find it But I know that He was sacrificed because of it. The least you could do is kneel down and thank him for it. After all, he was the only one

Ladies, don’t try to change him or even shame him Or be lost in the idea that he completes you Because that is when it will eat you When you find out that he cheats on you. And I know I told you that, You’re not the only one So love yourself respect yourself strive to be the one drenched in proverbs 31 because that is when he will notice you, comfort you might even propose to you, That is when he will realise your beautiful smile And know that You are His only one.


This year Girls’ High School sent a squad of 65 girls and 15 teachers to participate in the All Girls’ School Festival. This festival was hosted by Oranje Meisies Skool in Bloemfontein. Girls’ High participated in 13 sporting and cultural sections and achieved their best ever all round results. The fact that they managed this while competing against city schools many of which are far larger than Girls’ High School can ascribe to the spirit and of the girls effort and the expertise and dedication of the staff who coached them. It was a remarkable achievement for a ‘small’ school from a ‘small’ town and once again Girls’ High has shown that it is up there with the best. Sincere thanks go to the staff and pupils who represented the school and the parent body who made it financially possible to participate in this prestigeous event.


Kristin Arends, Lindelwe Hoho, Thandiwe Jadezweni and Sinovuyo Kupiso represented Girls’ High School. They won 5 out of their 7 debates and was ranked 2nd out of 20 debating teams. The girls debated the following motions : Motion vs St Michael’s : The Solution to S A Energy Crisis is in Nuclear Energy which they opposed and won Motion vs Collegiate : Classical Fairytales Should be Written with the Aim of Correcting Gender Stereotypes which they proposed and won Motion vs Shadow Team : Government Officials Should Not be Allowed to Send their Children to Private Schools which they opposed and won Motion vs Danville Park : Hacking is a Suitable Form of Protest Against Large Corporations which they proposed and lost Motion vs Westville : Private Hospitals should be Forced to Give some of their Profits to Public Hospitals which they opposed and won – the girls then advanced to the semi-finals where : Motion vs Clarendon : We should Institute a Beauty Tax on Individuals Whose Physical Appearance is Conventionally Appealing which they opposed and won – the girls then advanced to the final where : Motion vs La Rochelle : Grant Women an Extra Vote in the National Election which they opposed and narrowly lost. The debating team was placed second overall. debating-th

ART – non competitive

Chemille Ambraal, Morgan Heuer and Grettel Osorio had a mind blowing experience! They had to make Raku clay pots, decorate them and fire them in a kiln. After watching a educational art dvd, they joined in discussions regarding what they saw and came across many different opinions on art in general. The girls were taken on a guided tour of the Olienhout Art Museum where works of Pierneef, Helen Sebidi and Irma Stern amongst others, are housed. The sculptures and figures studies in the gardens were amazing and the art girls met many extraordinary people during their time at the festival.

CAMERA CLUB – non competitive

Tara Emms and Morgan Cobbold went along with the team to capture memories on film. They then did a power-point presentation to the school showcasing some excellent photographs.


Joyce Ejumu, Mbasa Gosa, Iviwe Malotana, Soumya Simon and Dhrishya Thomas represented Girls’ High School and they were placed 10th overall. They won their matches against Oranje, St Michael’s, Paarl, Potchefstroom and Clarendon but lost against Affies, Collegiate, Eunice and Jeppe.

CREATIVE WRITING – non competitive

Liyema Mkabile, Sisamtemba Magingxa and Sambesiwe Ndubela spent an informative weekend honing their skills in this area.

DRAMA – non competitive

The Drama Group consisting of Stelchia Hughes, Babalo Maqela, Thina Ntsaluba and Yamkelani Velaphi. This year the theme was ‘puppetry’. Nieka Lombard performed a play with her puppets and afterwards they attended a workshop where they learnt that puppets are not just socks on your hands. It is about giving your puppet breath; giving it life, changing it to suit different emotions and giving your puppet human characteristics. They then made their own puppets : Thina made a Jelly Fish, Stelchia made a girl called Velma, Yamkelani made Red Riding Hood and Babalo made an Owl. They got to prepare a skit with these puppets which they performed in the Albert Wessels Auditorium at UFS. drama-th


This new addition to the festival saw Kaylee Snyders in her element. They had a demonstration by Chef Lesley Jacobs on savoury treats for a tea or cocktail function which they then had to prepare. Chef Janine Mostert demonstrated sweet treats and Kaylee got to make a cupcake filled with white chocolate ganache and topped with pink icing and sugar work. She was placed 3rd overall in the sweet treat challenge. master-chef-th


Jemima Hart represented GHS and did exceptionally well being placed third in Reading, second in General Knowledge and then second overall. master-mind-th


Yanga Malotana, a Grade 10 pupil, represented Public Speaking and made the Top 5 overall.


After a thorough warm-up session, the Vocal Ensemble group participated in the auditions for solo parts in the Mass Choir. It was wonderful that Dumisa Qononda and Lukho Ngcobo both received solo parts for the final event at prize giving. The group sang three choral items as well as Girls in Union with an orchestra at the Odeion School of Music at UFS. This was a great experience that they will never forget. They have also been invited to enter a competition where the ultimate prize is to perform with Pharrell Williams when he comes to South Africa. vocal-ensemble-th


The 1st Hockey team ended 7th (joint with Collegiate) at the All Girls’ Festival. The girls recorded the following results : won against Potch, La Rochelle, Kingsridge, Jeppe and lost to Oranje and Rhenish, while they drew with Collegiate. hockey-th


The 1st Netball team ended 14th overall. The girls beat Durban, Westville, Clarendon and St Michael’s. They lost to Kingsridge, La Rochelle, Eunice, Potch, Affies, Rhenish and Rustenburg. Special mention must be made of Anathi Buti who won Best Defending Player and Siphokuhle Mpela who won Best Attacking Player for the day on Saturday. netball-th


GHS won the Gold Medal! Mikayla Boy, Monique da Cruz, Logan Raasch and Teagan Roux represented squash at the All Girls’ Festival. They beat Oranje 4 – 0, Rhenish 4 – 0, Pretoria GHS 4 – 0 and lost against Collegiate. They beat Eunice in the semi-finals 3 – 1 and Collegiate in the finals 11 – 8. squash-th


Amy Bradfield, Hayley Lucas, Wandisa Mini and Samantha Pohlmann represented tennis at the All Girls’ Festival. The team had some very tough matches and they were placed 13th overall.


The Old Girls’ Association of Queenstown Girls’ High School hosted a Ladies Morning Tea in St George’s Hall recently. The main speaker, Elizabeth Robinson-Campbell, came all the way from Cape Town and also entertained the school girls on the Friday during assembly. She wrote a book called ‘The Choice’, and spoke about her life experiences and what God had done in her life. She is also a renowned artist. Marlene Vlok spoke on table settings and gave tips on how to decorate when entertaining. Sam Breetzke, a rose grower in the Queenstown district, gave valuable information regarding the growing of roses in our area. At the end of the morning, two delicious Black Forest cakes were auctioned by Miss Carol Millington, to the delight of the ladies at the tea. The decor and flowers were beautiful and the eats absolutely delicious.

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